Current Web Design Trends

Current Web Design Trends

As we like to stay up to date with the latest trends for the web design world we would like to share some with you. Since the beginning of last year the majority of the designs were going more into a flat, minimal and clean design specially for mobile UX which is the culprit of this era as the number of mobile searches has increased therefore a responsive website is necessary. With flat design minimalistic and usability experience is essential.
More brands are using more colour effects such as over-saturation, vibrant hues and the use of gradients.
Animated logos are rising in popularity again as well.

Page Speed

If your website is slow, your website traffic will most likely experience a drop. Webpage speed is crucial component in building a great website and user experience for the end user. If you are actually wondering exactly how fast is enough, take a look's suggestion's Page Speed Insights.

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An SEO’s objective regarding search results is making the webpage or website in question appear higher in the SERP or search engine ranking positions. Pages that rank well in search engines will definitely get more web traffic.
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We’re experts in SEO and specialise in getting to understand our clients’ businesses and what success looks like for them in digital. We are able to provide world class SEO service by keeping up to speed through our extensive network of digital professionals and marketing resources.


SEO backlinks

Backlinks have actually been the backbone of Search Engine Optimisation for several years. Before this, connecting one resource to boost a website's authorisation in the eyes from was actually mistreated, motivating Google to build the algorythms the Penguin formula in 2012. While links coming from reliable, sources offered websites some ranking power, the additional complexity from Google algo's actually almost eliminate the some if not all the power from links.